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Academic Technology Outsourcing

Many schools are faced with the critical dilemma of staying up to date in a world where technology is everything. Unfortunately in that same world, the economy has hit an all time low. It is essential to have a designated person to direct your technology program but along with that comes a big salary,vacations, expensive benefits and lack of diversified personnel needed to roll out a solid technology plan once it has been identified for your particular curriculum.

Network Connectivity Inc (NCI) specializes in providing all of the essentials to build a winning technology department for one reasonable monthly fee. This creates a fixed budget for the school and access to an entire IT staff. No longer do you pay by the repair or over pay for computer equipment and peripherals. NCI will designate a qualified technician to your school during regular school hours to solve those day to day problems. NCI will also assign a trained administrator to attend technology meetings and help with budget planning. This technology administrator is responsible to design media centers and classroom technology at reasonable cost to the school. NCI will assist you in finding available technology grants and work with your district school system to help find additional dollars available to help build your technology program through a legitimate plan.

It has been proven that one formula will not work for every student. When technology collides with traditional teaching, it helps keep the students focused and therefore, increases the student´s learning potential.

When parents are spending their hard earned dollars to send their child to a better school, they want to see what they are getting for those dollars. Schools that lack technology ultimately fall short in a world which is so technologically driven. NCI can also help your school create an environment geared to learning by evaluating your schools needs and designing the ultimate learning environment while constantly focusing on budgetary concerns.

Contact us today for a free evaluation and see how we can make your budget go farther in creating the best learning environment possible!

Services... NCI can provide businesses with many ways to improve efficiency and help increase profits while also securing valuable data.

Project Management... Network Connectivity provides complete project management for turnkey solutions.

Network Connectivity has recently been selected as "Project Managers/ Technical Consultants" for TJM Properties, Inc. in their recent acquisition of the "New" Claridge Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

MANAGED SERVICES... Network Connectivity delivers proactive managed services that keep your network up and running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency, with superior network performance, security, and reliability - - all at an affordable price!