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Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is nothing more than a series of steps in a certain order to increase the odds of saving your business, PERIOD! You have to plan to stay in business. And keep plans current.

Every legitimate business needs to think about the unthinkable at one time or another. In a world driven by technology linked to technology, just a small breakdown in the process can lead to a disturbance of epic proportions when it comes to your business. This is commonly referred to as "a disaster". When someone brings up the word disaster, our minds tend to draw a picture of a flood or maybe a fire. Eventually, we all think back to the ultimate disaster of our lifetime, the 911 tragedy. Since that unforgettable September morning, we swore to never let our guards down again.

We realized the vulnerability of the simple but critical things we took for granted. As human nature would have it, we have gotten comfortable to the point of thinking that "this won't happen to me ". The greatest business minds of our generation did not accomplish their great successes by thinking like everyone else. They knew they had to go against the grain and at all costs protect their interests to sustain their successes. After the September 11, 2001 tragedy, investors knew that many businesses would not take the proper steps on their own that were necessary to secure their investors investments. Disaster recovery plans needed to be a part of all businesses whether they were private or public.

To protect the publicly traded company's investors, on July 30th 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed into law. It introduced highly significant legislative changes to financial practice and corporate governance regulation. It introduced stringent new rules with the objective of protecting businesses and their investors. If you are not a publicly traded company or firm, you are at your own risk when it comes to securing your data to sustain your own livelihood. Many companies never even give a thought to the possibility of losing their business and livelihood to a disaster.

A disaster recovery plan is nothing more than a series of steps in a certain order to increase the odds of saving your business, PERIOD! Many business owners are willing to risk everything that they have worked for and built over a simple thing like preparation. Is not taking the time to have a simple affordable disaster recovery plan worth possibly losing your business over?

Call us today for a free evaluation of your company's vulnerabilities.  Getting your plan started could ultimately end up saving your business.

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